About Us

Many moons ago in 2003, a ragtag group of brave Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute students joined forces to fight off the bitter winds of Troy, NY through the power of music. Among them, they shared a love for singing a cappella and procrastinating on homework. Thus, Partial Credit was born. The Troy winters may still be cold, but the group lives on, spreading the warmth and joy of a cappella music through a wide range of musical tastes. Whether an indie tune, a comedic musical salute, or a unique ballad, Partial Credit takes pride in entertaining others while having fun performing.


Kara Jimcosky Article III Section 5b

Chemical Engineering, Class of 2018

Kara is a special snowflake who enjoys terrible fruit jokes and singing high notes. In her free time, she hikes or something.

Katie Mahoney Mahonka Burnin' Love

Cognitive Science, Class of 2020

Katie is an unhappily gluten-intolerant bean who spends her free time writing music and singing along to the parts you’re not supposed to on the radio. She loves puppies and really wants a turtle someday. Daily activities include: drawing, fighting for animal rights, wearing the comfiest clothes possible whilst still trying to look nice, and drinking chai (with an espresso shot).

Claire Thomas Miss Photogenic

Games and Simulation Arts And Sciences, Class of 2019

Nobody really knows much about Claire. In her free time, she enjoys writing, reading, gaming, drawing, thinking, and general nonsense. For anyone who cares, her favorite TV show is Steven Universe.

Caiti Vinopal Bambi

Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2018

Caiti enjoys reading, singing, traveling, video games, and watching fantastical tv shows(Merlin, Once upon a time, and Doctor Who to name a few). In fact, she often likes hiding in her cave and comes out occasionally to keep social skills a thing. She enjoys nature and for some reason has numerous deer-themed nicknames.


Linda Cortes GLinda the Good Witch

Chemical Engineering, Class of 2020

Linda is bananas about bananas, polar bears, crafting and dancing. She can speak Spanish, but please excuse her French. GMOs are destroying biodiversity and harming farmers and people. Wonder woman is her favorite super hero.

Maggie McAuliffe Gladys

Industrial and Management Engineering, Class of 2021

Maggie is a 5'1" ball of yelling who thinks she knows more memes than she actually does. Her favorite color is purple because it's the Crayola marker that always has the most ink left in it.

Caoilin Ramsay Low-Caoi

Computer and Systems Engineering, Class of 2020

Caoilin enjoys cats, calculus, and casual existentialism. And, apparently, alliteration. She has synesthesia and orange hands. Her only goal throughout college is to locate every single piano on campus.


Sage Freter Parsley

Civil Engineering, Class of 2019

Sage likes cats, long hugs, sunshine, singing (along with many other forms of music), drawing, and Calculus! Her only wish is to be a bass.

Jordan Runner The Jazzman

Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2021

Jordan is a self-analytical Mark Zuckerberg lookalike who loves robots and outer space, spends too much time on the internet, listens to a strange variety of music, and finds great fulfillment in analyzing all of his favorite artistic media for hours on end. He is heavily prone to deep introspection and sudden philosophical musing.

Coen Valk Phantom of the Opera

Computer Science, Class of 2020

Coen is a perpetual happiness machine. He loves telling people to close their eyes for official Partial Credit votes and yelling his tenor part. In his spare time he dreads walking through the cold and remembers how much colder New York is compared to Texas.


Jake Altabef Happy Feet

Computer and Systems Engineering, Class of 2019

Jake is a merman from Atlantis. His hobbies include dolphin-wrangling, and that's it. That's his only hobby. He has joined this group to make friends that weren't dolphins.

Peter Chinburg Man of the Mountain

Mechanical Engineering / Design Innovation in Society, Class of 2021

Proud of his New Hampshire citizenship, Peter enjoys all things outdoors: hiking, camping, skiing (snow and water), etc. He may be seen at rehearsal trying to incorporate unskilled yet enthusiastic beat boxing rhythms into his bass part. He is sure Partial Credit was conveniently named after him, sporting the slick initials of PC.

Kristofer Kwan Little Drummer Boy

Computer Science, Class of 2021

Kris is an inquisitive individual who finds his true passion in spitting fire as taught by master smog. He is most proud of exceeding his two o’clock bedtime on multiple occasions since joining the group and is excited—sadly—for the inevitable all-nighters following his decision to be a CS major at RPI. As a PC member, Kris enjoys his daily dosage of squatting on the offbeat of warm-ups.

Jake Laats The Architect

Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2020

Jake Laats is a lasagna-inclined human bean who likes dank memes, low jeans, and video games.

Alex MacNair The Bass Who Lived

Computer Science / Electronic Media, Arts, and Communication, Class of 2018

Technologically inclined, artistically prone, musically passionate, generally adventurous human being.